Technology in promoting habit change

– by Dr. Fogg

daily routines, habits:  Things that are habits are easy to do

how we should develop service: create a little machine that works, then expand
– what can I do right now that’s fast and goofy?
– everything big started small. Once it started working, then expand.
– e.g. Google, Facebook

Two types of habits:
1) routine – happens on cycle (e.g. Facebook every morning)
2) reflex – happens on cue (e.g. go to Amazon when need books)

Creating “cycle” habits:
1) find smallest behavior that matters (e.g. flossing one tooth)
2) Attach it to existing behaviour (e.g. attach flossing to brushing, but only one tooth)
3) Train cycle, move toward automaticity
4) Allow the smallest behaviour to expand to full behaviour
Thus: small habit –> Habits+

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