Excerpt from 64notes’ design & subsets essay

Now some definitions of prevalent design sub-sets:

1) Intention – What is the goal?
What do you want to achieve? What problem do you want to solve?
Art & design overlap but aren’t the same. Design is how it works, art is expression.
Usually, intention is to get an action(s) performed. After judgement. Based on information / data presented.

2) Information Architecture (IA) – What do I need to know?
Tell consumers what it is.
Tell them what it does.
Tell them what to do (next).
(info has to make sense, be logical, not overwhelm, and help customers do most of their thinking)
Layout of a page, content of a page etc. are done in this part. Thus, content is design. This is 80% of design.

3) User Interface (UI) Design – How can I interact?
Placement and interaction decisions.
How will user input information or manipulate information present before him? How will a user interact with the information presented? How does an interaction happen? How does information change on interaction? What does a user expect?
User interface design directly affects usability. User interface needs to be usable and intuitive.

4) Visual DesignHow does it look and feel?
How it looks and feels.
What font / typeface? What colors? What size? What texture? jQuery effects?
Affects usability and willingness of a user.

5) User Experience (UX) DesignOne ring to rule them all.
Manages psychological factors of users
E.g. Apple selling experiences


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