TEDtalk by Joe Kessler (The Intelligence Group)

Generation Y:

What are they like?
– group-oriented
– passionate
– optimistic
– stresed

What do they value?
– emotional connection
– transparency
– social DNA
– control

They are mobile

They live for experiences (experiences >> product)

They’ve developed a ‘real time reflex’ and a tech ‘sixth sense’ (NOW; integration b/w physical and digital lives; expectation that technology will be there for them)

Culture of calm – escapism

They aspire to entrepreneurship – 37% interested in entrepreneurship, 51% want to be self-employed

They highly value freedom – take time off to take hobby than on the fast career track

They are interested in making a difference – 88% value work-life balance, 73% want to work for positive impact

“Our generation doesn’t want to make money; we want to make meaning.”

Institutions/organizations/parents: how to create unique experiences for Gen-Ys?
– do it in real time
– let them work in teams
– deliver a sense of freedom/independence
– serve culture of calm
– allow them access to technology
– help them make a difference



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