Culture of schooling vs. Culture of innovation

  • individual achievement vs. collaboration
  • Subject-based specialization vs. Problem-based, multi-disciplinary learning
  • risk avoidance vs. trial-and-error (research & development)
  • consuming vs. creating for real audience
  • extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation
    •     exploratory play, passion and purpose = perseverance

From a consumption-driven, info-based learning system (what you know) — to a creation-driven, transformation-based learning system (what you can do with what you know)

  •  just-in-time learning
  • content still matters in teaching skills like critical thinking
  • there is a place and time for consumption to build knowledge, but students won’t remember the content as much as what they’ve done with it

Evidence-driven continuous improvement for teachers:

  • what skills are you teaching, and how are you assessing them? How much time do students spend on applying what they have learned? What do they create and for whom?
  • Are you a better teacher than 2 years ago?
  • How well are your students prepared for college, careers, and citizenship, and how do you know?

Source: Tony Wagner


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