Authentic People

Peter Baskerville on Quora gave a very detailed and analytical answer about what makes someone authentic:

  • whether they can laugh at their own stupidity.
  • whether they can freely admit that they ‘don’t know’, ‘they were wrong’ or ‘they made a mistake’
  • whether they can take cheeky constructive ridicule from their mates (peers) without retaliation or the feelings of emotional hurt
  • whether they can maintain their dignity, authority, respect and presence regardless of their personal attire or appointed position
  • whether they can truly communicate with all people as equals regardless of the other’s rank, wealth or social standing.
  • whether they are ‘comfortable in their own skin‘ and not always pretending to be someone that they aren’t.
  • whether they can ‘look you in the eye‘ and are engaged in the moment as they converse with you
  • whether they can speak their truth graciously, seeking neither offence nor servitude.
  • whether they are humble in the realization that what makes them special in one form of intelligence also make them totally dumb in another.
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