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Life Lessons

Taken from Quora, written by Erik Tittel:

There’s no single success factor. It’s always the combination of many things that lead to success. These “things” (I call them Elements of Success) can be grouped in 3 groups.

1. Know what you want … and be able to derive concrete actions from your dreams

  • Find and follow your passion (live for your dream, find the purpose of your being, visualize what you want to be)
  • Define your Goals (Focus on the things that really lead you towards your passion, set priorities)
  • Manage your time well (never be late, do the ugliest thing first, have a time management system (e. g. GTD))

2. Help other people

  • Be good to others  (tell the truth, be kind and honest, work with people towards a common goal that improves everyone’s life)
  • Understand and be understood (try to really understand people, their emotions and feelings rather than just hearing words; tell stories with clarity and simplicity to convey your points)

3. Really do things

  • Improve yourself (learn something new, live a balanced life, have fun)
  • Do your work (work hard, care about what you do, have the discipline to carry a task out completely)
  • Be creative (pay attention your your surrounding, focus on “both sides of your brain”, collect your ideas, don’t watch TV, read books)
  • Don’t give up (practice a lot, persis through hard times, don’t complain instead work harder, embrace adversity, evacuate comfort zones)
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